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Brand Guidelines

Our brand guidelines book contains all the information you need to work with the Micasamo brand in a screen quality PDF (1.5mb):

Brand Guidelines

The guide book is also available in print format, a PDF at press quality, with a 2mm bleed: (13mb)

Special requirements

Please contact Tom Mayers, our designer, directly for any other artwork requirements including .eps and .pdf files, extreme dimensions, etc at


Please choose your logo download type, raster (png) or vector (Illustrator) files:

All logos (.png)

This zipped pack contains 49 logos, on transparent, dark, and white backgrounds - at A4 300dpi - representing our core brand, and sub-brands.

All logos (vector)

All our main, and sub-brand logos in one, layered and organised illustrator file

Vector logos

Micasamo "texture"

An illustrator file of our branded textural element

Vector logos


Micasamo core/real estate

  • Micasamo Blue/Purple
    Pantone 2768 C
    Hex: #071d49
  • Micasamo Gold
    Pantone 729 C
    Hex: #B58150
  • Micasamo Black
    Pantone Black 6C
    Hex: #101820

Sub-brand: Rental properties

  • Micasamo "Clear skies" blue
    Pantone 279 C
    Hex: #418FDE

Sub-brand: Property management

  • Micasamo "Safe" grey
    Pantone 432 C
    Hex: #333F48

Sub-brand: Home improvements

  • Micasamo "New" green
    Pantone 7739 C
    Hex: #319B42